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Back in 2014, Chris found an interesting YouTube video where a father taught his daughter how to extract bismuth (a metal) from Pepto-bismol. Not knowing what bismuth was at the time, he performed some research and shared it with the rest of us. Mark immediately purchased a few pounds online and one week later we were all in the kitchen, growing our first bismuth crystals.

We started on the stove and quickly learned it was not a hobby to be done in the kitchen. We moved on to an old propane camping stove we found in the garage, took it apart, and reassembled it into something more practical for melting metal. Since then, we’ve taught ourselves how to grow crystals of every shape, color, and size. We’ve learned how to make jewelry. We can create all kinds of shapes, from numbers and letters to more fun things like symbols or signs. If you can come up with something to make, we can probably make it out of bismuth.
— Chris


Chris was the first to be interested in Bismuth and is always looking for and working on new methods of growing crystals. He is also constantly coming up with new ways of using bismuth to create art. Chris also has helped design all of our furnaces, from the first one pictured here to the massive one currently in use.



Every good team needs a doctor, and that’s where Mike comes in. He helps us ground projects that start to get to risky and ensures that product categories don't become too saturated. Mike also puts in long ours after his day job setting up our fairs.  He is by far the most business-oriented of us, and Crystal Creations would not have been to a single venue without his hard work.



Aside from initially funding us, Mark is our idea man.  His technical background in Engineering contributes to new ways of making crystals, constantly pushing innovation with his creative thinking. When we need new products, or a way to incorporate bismuth into just about anything, we turn to our Engineer.

Daisy assisting Chris with a pour!

Daisy assisting Chris with a pour!

This is Marco: Crystal Creation’s mascot!

This is Marco: Crystal Creation’s mascot!